In October 2015 Control N launched an online platform dedicated to Romanian film screenplays – Romanian Script Database – Romanian Script Database is a project put up with the support of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN). Its main purpose is to promote screenplays and screenwriters in Romania both within the public and within the film professionals. Romanian Script Database is a website dedicated exclusively to Romanian fiction film screenplays (short, medium, feature – live action or animation).

Romaian Script Databese – will publish screenplays that are both produced (films have already had a Romanian premiere) and un-produced yet, which are still  in development or pre-production. The screenplays that have been produced can be read fully on the website. The un-produced scripts can be read offline, with the approval of the author, as only a short synopsis and the first pages of them will be available on the website.

The structure of the website makes it easy to access information, providing advanced searches and details on each author and each script available online. Using the platform, the readers (cinephiles or film professionals) can communicate with the authors who have agreed to allow private contact.

Romanian Script Database was initiated by Control N, with the main purpose of facilitating access to information related to screenwriting, of widening access to culture and film education, of connecting different categories within the film industry: screenwriters-directors-producers, of presenting and promoting authors who are just starting their careers, of following similar initiatives in Romania (Cinemagia, Cinepub, Liternet), of creating a recorded database that could show the evolution of Romanian film throughout its history.

Romanian Script Database is dedicated to

– the cinephiles interested to study the start of the project: how does the script look like, what are the formatting rules, which parts of the film are described in the script, etc.
– emerging directors looking for stories or writers they can create teams with
– emerging writers with no direct access to the film industry, looking to start their career
– producers in search of new talents

Romanian Script Database aims to promote Romanian cinema within the audience, to facilitate meetings between filmmakers and to create a virtual place, in the shape of a library that can also work as a career launch platform.

Presently, the platform presents both feature and short film screenplays – both produced and unproduced. Titles like Loverboy (by Catalin Mitulescu, Bogdan Mustata and Bianca Oana), Morgen and Rocker (both written by Marian Crisan), A Month in Thailand (by Paul Negoescu and Vlad Trandafir) or Roxanne (by Ileana Muntean and Valentin Hotea). The content of the website is being permanently updated with new Romanian titles.

Romanian Script Database is supported by two important partners: CINEPUB (online platform for Romanian film) and  After reading the screenplay on the user can then watch the produced film online, if it is available on or can read articles and chronicles about them on

Romanian Script Database is co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN).
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