In a context where contemporary dance is more and more visible in the artistic landscape of Romania, Control N presents a new performance: Dorian, created by Oana Rasuceanu, around one actor-dancer (George Albert Costea), by combining contemporary dance with multimedia projections. Dorian will be performed in four different Romanian cities: Bucuresti, Timisoara, Craiova and Ploiesti. After last winter’s production of the show The Telephone in the Corner, (as part of the educational module dedicated to Romanian high-school students, Control N offers those interested in contemporary dance a new project which will put them in contact with a very strongly poetical and sensorial world, in an imminently apocalyptical Bucharest.

Dorian is built around a premise that is both absurd and strong and impossible to defy: the end of the world is happening in 24 hours. On October 5, 2016, at 8 o’clock. Dorian lives in Bucharest and has 24 hours until his bed, table, chairs, TV and the rest of the objects in his apartment will cease to exist. Dorian finds it out on the news and decides to spend the last 24 hours in his apartment, alone, just like his whole life before this moment. The performance is built on juxtaposing contemporary dance with multimedia projections. The mix between the physical movement, real and happening in front of the eyes of the viewers, and the images projected will lead to the discovery of Dorian’s past and present.

The concept, directing and choreography of the show are signed by Oana Rasuceanu. With an intense activity as a screenwriter, Oana has also completed, in 2007, a Master Degree in Choreography at the National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest, and has since been developing several projects in theatre and dance, as a playwright, director and choreographer. She has designed a series of performance for children as well as  The Telephone in the Corner (theatre and dance performance inspired by the work of poet Cristian Popescu) and Dear Diary (dance performance, produced with the support of Nottara Theatre in Bucharest).

Dorian is built around one actor-dancer, George Albert Costea. Member of the team of “Marin Sorescu” National Theatre in Craiova, with an intense activity in notable theatres in Bucharest (Nottara Theatre, Comedy Theatre, Metropolis Theatre) as well as in the independent theatre scene (Godot Theatre Cafe, Green Hours, UNTEATRU, D’Aya Company), George has worked with numerous directors, such as Robert Wilson, Silviu Purcărete, Peter Schneider, Tim Carroll, Mircea Cornișteanu, Janusz Wisniewski, Răzvan Mazilu or Vlad Cristache. In 2016, George was nominated for his part in The History Boys. Stories with a scent of highschool, directed by Vlad Cristache, for the Best Supporting Role at the UNITER Awards Gala.

The video projections are the creation of a team made by Iulia Rugină, Adrian Câmpean, Dan Adrian Ionescu și Mizdan. After having co-writen and directed three feature films (Love Building, Another Love Building and Breaking News), as well as many other short films, Iulia Rugina is now signing the concept and directing of the video projections that create Dorian’s life. Adrian Campean, a German director of photography, with Romanian origins, has studied cinematography at the National Film and Television School in Munich and has been working as DP for several short films, which were screened and awarded in international festivals. The video team is completed by architect and visual artist Dan Adrian Ionescu, in charge with the video mapping and visual reality of the projection and Mizdan (visual programmer). The two of them have been working on video mapping and visual reality projects like O întâmplare ciudată cu un câine la miezul nopții (National Theatre in Bucharest, directed by Bobi Pricop) and Kepler – 438b (Odeon Theatre, directed by Bobi Pricop). Dan Adrian Ionescu is also the art director of the show and the music is composed by Mihai Dobre, founder and vocal of Suie Paparude, with previous work in theatre together with Andrea Gavriliu (Hotel PM – German Theatre Timișoara, Dezorient Express – Ioan Slavici Theatre in Arad, d’ECOurage – National Theatre in Cluj-Napoca) and Mihai Măniuțiu (Iarna – Nottara Theatre, 3 ore după miezul nopții – Tony Bulandra Theatre in Târgoviște, Golsberg Show – facerea lumii și alte întâmplări – Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre in Iasi).

The show will premiere on October 30, at UNTEATRU in Bucharest and will be followed by three other shows, on October 31, November 1 and 2, in the same place. Three other theatres will host the performance as follows:

 “Mihai Eminescu” National Theatre in Timișoara – November 5, 6, 7 PM

”Marin Sorescu” National Theatre in Craiova – November 14, 15, 7 PM

“Toma Caragiu” Theatre in Ploiești – November 21, 22, 6:30 PM.

“Through dance, video and music, with no uttered word, Dorian is, in fact, before anything else, a story about words. Those we never say and which, if we ever get the courage to say, we may say too late” say Oana Rasuceanu about Dorian.

The project is co-finacced by the Romanian Ministry of Culture and National Cultural Fund Administration.