Does a limited budget necessarily put a brake on filmmakers’ creativity? Or does it push the power of their storytelling towards something new, something edgy and completely different than all their previous work? A limited budget can represent the needed push for the writer’s mind and lead him to amazing stories, scripts and films.
And this is exactly what LIM aims to achieve.

LIM – Less is More, the European platform for project development of limited budget feature films will push forward a new generation of gifted filmmakers who want to work through the prism of limited budget feature film production.

LIM’s successful launch this year shows that there is a growing need for a new approach towards limited budget films: 290 applications coming from 59 nationalities out of which 16 projects (all first feature films) and 4 emerging European producers were selected. The aim of LIM is to help writers and writer-directors to fully integrate the cost constraint from the beginning of the script development process. The program is aimed at helping feature projects whose final costs will be between 100.000 and 500.000 EUR.

The LIM Jury composed of 6 members from 6 countries around Europe – Massimiliano Nardulli (Head of Selection, Italy), Antoine Le Bos (Artistic Director, France), Oana Rasuceanu (Control N / Romania), Siebe Dumon (VAF / Belgium), Natalia Woda (KBF / Poland) and Vassili Silovic (LIM Project Manager, Slovenia) – selected the finalists out of 45 projects and 8 producers shortlisted.

LIM – Less is More is structured around 3 one-week workshops in residency in small villages in three different parts of Europe: Workshop 1 in Belgium (March, 5 – 11), Workshop 2 in Transylvania / Romania (June, 5 – 13) and Workshop 3 in Brittany / France (October, 1 – 8). The development work for LIM’s first edition will be supervised by 4 very experienced script-consultants (all of them being writers in activity): Leonardo Stagliano (Italy), Pierre Hogdson (UK/France), Marcel Beaulieu (Canada) and Antoine Le Bos (France). The team of tutors will be completed, as well, by low to micro budget specialists.

LIM’s goal is also to generate the creation of a European network of professionals working around limited and very limited budget fiction feature film, thus triggering both co-productions, new funding, distribution and broadcasting opportunities.

Therefore, LIM will organize a major event during Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF), in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. This event will allow all selected participants to present their projects to European producers and film-professionals.

The 2017 LIM selected projects & filmmakers are:

Nathalie Biancheri  — Animal Instinct (Italy)
Simao Cayatte  — Sandra (Portugal)
Pieter Coudyzer  — Banvard (Belgium)
Taisia Deeva  — Not Here, Not Us (Russia)
Dina Duma  — Sister (Macedonia)
Svetozar Georgiev  & Ivaylo Minov  — Electricity (Bulgaria)
Karolis Kaupinis  — Corcovado Borealis (Lithuania)
Andersen Kim Lysgaard  &  Tine Mosegaard — In a teacup (Denmark)
Marianela Maldonado  — The Belly of the Whale (Venezuela)
Kabir Mehta  — Nobodies (India)
Dan Radu Mihai  — The Ancelins  (Romania)
Mauricio Osaki  — The paths of my father (Brazil)
Tomasz Sliwinski  — Animus (Poland)
Rory Stewart  — Organs in the grass (Scottland)
Giil Taws  — Tro Fañch (France)
Leonardo Van Dijl  — Stéphanie (Belgium)

The 2017 LIM selected film producers are:

Jelena Miseljic – Montenegro
Frédéric Prémel — France
Gabriela Suciu — Romania
Aneta Zagroska  — Poland

Keep track on all LIM2017 development on our:

More information about the programme, the structure, the tutors and the participants can be found here.

 Supported by Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union, LIM, the European platform for project development of limited budget feature films, is led by Le Groupe Ouest (France) and developed in partnership with Control N (Romania), Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds – VAF (Belgium), Krakow Festival Office – KBF (Poland), and the Transilvania International Film Festival – TIFF (Romania).