3.a.Cafeaua de Weekend_Actoria intre teatru si filmThroughout 3 weekly meetings, we will discuss with 3 successful actors about the back-and-forth trip between the stage and the cinema screen. Șerban Pavlu, Andi Vasluianu and Victor Rebengiuc are three actors who successfully take this trip between Romanian theatre and film.

How did they start? How are they planning to continue? How do they prepare for the stage and how do they prepare for the camera? Where do they feel more at ease? These are just a few aspects of the informal discussion we are planning.


Born in 1974, a graduate of the National University of Theatre and Film – Acting departement – Andi Vasluianu is one of the most active film actors in Romania. His portofolio includes over 60 parts in feature films, short and medium length films. He has worked with directors such as Tudor Giurgiu (Of Snails and Men), Radu Jude (The Happiest Girl in the World; Dimineața), Cristian Nemescu (California Dreamin’ (endless); Marilena from P7) or Radu Muntean (The Paper Will Be Blue; Furia).

In 2007 he won the Gopo Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for the part in The Paper Will Be Blue.

Presently Andi is working with Toma Caragiu Dramatic Theatre in Ploiesti, Act Theatre and Nottara Theatre in Bucharest. Throughout his theatre career he has been part of 30 theatre plays, working with directors such as Cristian Juncu, Vlad Massaci, Radu Afrim, Alexandru Dabija, Victor Ioan Frunză or Dan Puric.


Born in 1975, a graduate of The National University of Theatre and Film – Acting Departement, Serban Pavlu has combined theatre, film and television throughout his career.

He is part of the Bulandra Theatre acting team and has worked with directors like Alexandru Darie. Vlad Massaci, Cătălina Buzoianu, Yury Kodronsky.

His portofolio in film includes titles such as Everybody in Our Family, Roxane, Niki Ardelean, colonel in rezerva, The Japanese Dog and collaborations with directors Lucian Pintilie, Radu Jude, Cristi Puiu or Stere Gulea. In 2013 he received the Gopo Award for Best Actor for the film Everybody in our Family, directed by Radu Jude.


Born in 1933, Victor Rebengiuc is one of the most loved actors in Romanian film and theatre. An actor of Bulandra Theatre since 1957, with over 200 parts in theatre plays, he has worked with other theatres like The National Theatre in Bucharest, Teatrul Mic, the National Theatre in Cluj Napoca. He has worked with directors like  Liviu Ciulei, Radu Penciulescu, Andrei Șerban, Cătălina Buzoianu, Yuri Kordonsky, Gábor  Tompa or Alexandru Dabija.

He made his debut in cinema in 1956, with the part in the film Mandrie and he gained public appreciation with his part Apostol Bologa in Liviu Ciulei’s Padurea Spanzuratilor. Throughout all the 58 years of his career, Victor Rebengiuc has acted in over 90 films, working with directors like Lucian Pintilie (De ce trag clopotele, Mitică?; Balanta; Prea târziu; Terminus Paradis; Niki Ardelean, colonel în rezervă; Tertium non datur), Dan Pița (Tănase Scatiu, Dreptate în lanturi, Faleze de nisip, Omul zilei), Stere Gulea (Morometii), Cristi Puiu (Un cartuș de Kent și un pachet de cafea), Călin Peter Netzer (Medalia de onoare), Radu Muntean (Tuesday after Christmas) or Tudor Cristian Jurgiu (The Japanese Dog).

Among the numerous awards and distinctions he has received throughout his career, both in theatre and in cinema, he received the Gopo Award in 2011 for Best Actor for his part in Medalia de onoare.

The three meetings will take place in the following days: January 25, 2014 (Andi Vasluianu), February 1, 2014 (Șerban Pavlu), February 8, 2014 (Victor Rebengiuc).