Speaker: Ileana Cecanu

To make a film reach the audience, you need to take certains steps, some small, some big, all important.

During the seminar “Promoting Film”, for 3 hours, together with the speaker, Ileana Cecanu, the participants will discuss the most important elements that make a film reach its audience.

It is all a story – from the materials you prepare during shooting, sometimes even before shooting, to the magic in the cinema hall. It’s a story that always different, because no film is the same as another one. Ileana Cecanu will offer the participants a list of ingredients in order to make the story real.

By using examples and exercises, the participants will find answers to questions like:

  • what do we want to send out through a film promotional campaign?
  • what is our target audience when we start a campaign?
  • how and where do we communicate our message?
  • what are the people we work on throughout a campaign?
  • what is the role of an actor once the shooting is over?
  • what are the things we shouldn’t forget when the film reaches the cinema?
  • what are the deep secrets, the tricks that make the behind the scenes mechanism work in film industry?
  • is the premiere the grand finale of the story?


PR specialist for the film industry, film distributor and founder of Freealize, Ileana has a big career and a wide expertise in Romanian cinema. She is the Industry Manager of Transilvania Internarnational Film Festival, a publicist for local and international film productions, PR consultant for original HBO productions. Ileana was the distribution manager for Transilvania Film and she has recently become self-employed (Freealize). She is presently a member of Europa Distribution International and was part of the selection jury for the work in progress section of Cinema en Construction / Rencontres de Toulouse and Ventana Sur / Buenos Aires.

The seminar “Promoting film” is open to all those interested in film, professionals or amateurs, of any age and takes place on Saturday, October 25, 2014.