“Cristian Popescu has lived for 36 years. He was born on June 1st 1959 and he died on February 21st 1995. In this short period he managed to study (he graduated from the Literature University in Bucharest in 1990), to publish three books (Familia Popescu, 1987, Cuvant inainte, 1988, Arta Popescu 1987-1994), to become a member of the Writers’ Union, to work as a chief editor of Nouzeci, a supplement of Luceafarul magazine (1990 – 1993) and as an editor of the news paper Adevarul (1994), to contribute with poems and essays in different other publications, to prepare, together with director Alexander Hausvater, the texts for two very successful theatre plays (…Au pus catuse florilor… by Fernando Arrabal and La Tiganci by Mircea Eliade.

He managed, in the same time, to charm thousands of readers with a very original way to write Romanian poetry, to provoke emulations in the literary environments he was part of and to make (once more) a big name out of the so-common Popescu. His unexpected death not only hurt the poetry lovers, but left them disoriented: the poet had lived his life too fast, so no one ever had the time un understand him (…). There is something no one can say about Cristian Popescu: he lived and he died. He spent his life, exchanging it for literature” (Alex. Stefanescu, Romania Literara)