The performance was created by Oana Rasuceanu together with actors Adina Lucaciu, Irina Velcescu, Cristian Popa and George-Albert Costea. The set and the costumes were done by art director Andrada Chiriac and the music was composed by Sebastian Hamburger. The video projection and the photos that make up the show are the work of photographer Adi Marineci.

Oana Răsuceanu

With a wide experience in film and theatre, as a screenwriter, choreographer and dancer, a graduate of the National University of Theatre and Film – Screenwriting section and a Master Degree in Choreography, Oana Rasuceanu is also the president of Control N, with the help of which she has, in the last 6 years, managed to implement a series of workshops and educational programs for those with a passion for cinema. Her own passion for writing and her experience in this area have encouraged her to elaborate a series of courses for cinema education, based mostly on screenwriting.

Andrada Chiriac

Nominated for the UNITER Awards in 2015 for the art direction of the theatre play Cerere in casatorie, at the Dramatic Theatre “Fani Tardini” in Galati, Andrada Chiriac has worked, in theatre, with directors such as Felix Alexa, Alexader Morfov, Iury Kordonsky, Alice Barb or Ioana Păun. Her professional experience includes art direction in cinema, for short and feature films.

Sebastian Hamburger

As a composer, Sebastian Hamburger has collaborated with several theatre directors (like Ada Lupu, Traian Soimu, Alexandru Mihaescu, Mirela Puia and others), composing original music for 10 theatre plays. The Telephone in the Corner is the second dance performance he is working for, after Bioluminiscent by Ovidiu Zimcea.

Adi Marineci

One of the most active set photographers for film and cultural events, Adi Marineci, a graduate of MEDIA University – Cinematography, is one of the best professionals in the industry, with a special eye for capturing key moments and characters.

Adina Lucaciu

Adina Lucaciu is at her second collaboration with Oana Rasuceanu as an actress-dancer, after the choreography show Dear Diary, where Oana signed the concept and choreography. Adina’s theatre portofolio includes Apus de soare (directed by Dan Pita), Flori, fete, filme sau băieți (directed by Mimi Brănescu), Însemnarările unui nebun (directed by Iarina Demian). Adina’s experience in film includes collaborations with directors such as Adrian Sitaru (Din dragoste cu cele mai bune intenții), Radu Muntean (Un etaj mai sus), Luiza Pârvu (Aniversarea), Marian Crișan (Camelia), Cristina Iliescu (Nu azi) or Andreea Păduraru (Moebius).

Irina Velcescu

Throughout her theatre career, Irina Velcescu has acted in plays such as Niște fete (directed by Cristi Juncu), Shape of Things (directed by Vlad Massaci), XXL (directed by Cristi Juncu), Cupluri (directed by Vlad Zamfirescu), Un pic prea intim (directed by Cristi Juncu), BASH (directed by Vlad Massaci), Iluzii (directed by Cristi Juncu). Her film portofolio includes main parts in films like Tabasco and Friday Around Eleven (both directed by Iulia Rugina) or TV series like O saptamana nebuna (produced by Media Pro Pictures).

Cristian Popa

An actor of Toma Caragiu Theatre in Ploiesti, Cristian Popa is one of the most active professionals of his generation, with main parts both on stage and in front of the camera. In theatre he has worked with directors like Radu Afrim, Vlad Massaci, Cristi Juncu, Vlad Cristache, Sanziana Stoican, Cristi Popescu, Nona Ciobanu, Teodora Herghelegiu or Mariana Camarasan. He is presently part of the cast of five theatre plays: Cand ploaia se va opriOmul care a vazut moartea, Chip de foc, Menajeria de sticla and A fi sau a nu fi.

George – Albert Costea

An actor of the Marin Sorescu Theatre in Craiova, George-Albert Costea is one of the most active young actors of his generation. His theatre career includes 27 parts in theatre plays, 3 collaborations for dance performances and 1 part in the most recent Bucharest musical – West Side Story (by director and choreographer Razvan Mazilu). Until now George has worked with theatre directors like Robert Wilson, Mircea Cornișteanu, Tim Carroll, Alexandru Berceanu, Vlad Cristache, Catinca Draganescu, Liviu Lucaci, Ioana Paun, Vera Ion and others.