5. PROIECTE_Second Draft

Development Workshop for Short Film Scripts

Second Draft is an intensive screenwriting development workshop for short film, happening over 7 days in Bucharest. 

Second Draft aims to discover and support 8 short film projects, to offer a professional framework for developing Romanian short film scripts, to facilitate meetings between screenwriters and Romanian producers.

Second Draft addresses screenwriters interested to develop a short fiction screenplay. The participants must be Romanian citizens, aged 18+. 


The stages in the workshop offer the participants the chance to work on their scripts, under the guidance of a professional script consultant, to develop their abilities to receive and give feedback, to upgrade their knowledge on screenwriting, to understand the importance of project pitching, to meet a group of Romanian producers and to have the chance to see their scripts eventually produced.

During the 7 days of the workshop, the writers will receive feedback from both the trainer and the other participants. Therefore, following a live process of assimilating information and offering feedback), the initial draft of the script will then be developed by the authors into one that is closer to a shooting script.

The workshop starts with a theoretical lecture about screenwriting. The trainer of the workshop is the script consultant Antoine Le Bos. Basic notions and common language will be established, offering the participants a common starting ground.

Over 5 consecutive training days, the participants will work, together with the trainer, on each screenplay in the workshop.

The last two days of the workshop are dedicated to Pitching. The trainer will hold a lecture on pitching, pointing out the importance, the value and the necessity of pitching for a film projects in general, and for short film projects in particular. The participants will be guided into creating their own project pitch (based on the theory discussed) and then go present their project: first in front of the trainer and the other participants  and then in front of a group of producers, invited to take part in the presentation.

The last day of the workshop is dedicated to a public pitch in front of Romanian film producers, interested in short film projects that they could attach themselves to.

After the end of the workshop, the participants will work on their own for the re-writing their scripts. They will have one month to finalize their second drafts. The new drafts will be sent to all participants, the organizers and the trainer.


Antoine Le Bos is a French screenwriter and script consultant with more than 25 feature film scripts delivered under contract as a writer or co-writer and the experience of over a hundred feature projects followed as a consultant.
Following a first life as a sailor and an interrupted Phd in philosophy at the Sorbonne, he graduated from the CEEA in Paris (the French conservatory for film writing) in 1996. After directing short films and on-stage experiments, he co-created the 3D animation series Ratz, which aired in more than 20 countries and in 2002 created the Ciné-Ecritures workshops in Paris.
Soon he discovered a deep taste for dramaturgy. He has worked as a consultant for the Moulin d’Andé (CECI, France), tutoring their 2005 to 2007 rewriting sessions, as well as on the European Short Pitch 2007 to 2010 sessions and teaches screenwriting at Brest University.
He won the Gan Foundation Prize as a writer in 2005 and works with, among others, the Afghani director and Prix Goncourt Atiq Rahimi.
Since 2007, he has been the Artistic Director of Le Groupe Ouest, European centre for film creation in Britanny and recently co-created the Cross Channel Film Lab between France and Great Britain.
Since 2007, he has been a tutor for the Script & Pitch Workshops and TorinoFilmLab as well as for Interchange since 2009.

The first edition of the workshop took place between April 20th to 27th, 2014 in Bucharest.